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April 22, 2012
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DiaperDaze Comic: Fraternity Baby -- cover page by ABMike DiaperDaze Comic: Fraternity Baby -- cover page by ABMike
In the early 90s, I found a local artist who was willing to illustrate my ideas for an story I wrote about a fraternity initiation. I got this idea from an episode of 'Emergency' where the pledges were walking around in thick cloth diapers pinned on each side with big safety pins.
Well, I couldn't stop writing about the pledge's regression to babyhood and how the brothers reinforced his regression by babying him and keeping him diapered -- so it ended up at 24 pages. I was very satisfied with the results, but the artist kept pressing me to have it published and not keep it to myself. So, I created the name 'Diaperdaze', and another AB build a website for me to sell it through which I registered as:
Well, I never made any profit as the sales of the comic did not even match the $300 yearly registration fee -- so I let the registration lapse. I did talk the owner of DPF into giving me a flat payment to sell the comic to his subscribers -- but DiaperDaze was really a work of love which was fine as I didn't do it for the money anyway. At the time I had money to spend, so I went ahead and commissioned the illustrating of two other DiaperDaze Comics.

I will be posting some of the art from Diaperdaze as I know there is pent-up demand for images of cute AB guys and forced babying. The line art is almost 20 years old so I won't be posting all of it as I would like to update it-- but it isn't easy to find artists that I like who have the time to take on work. But I hope you enjoy what there is and let your imagination fill in the blanks.
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Puffypants2 Feb 2, 2014  New member
Love it Mike!
Hey Jimmy,
How ya doing?
Absolutely wonderful.
Thank you for sharing these great scenes.
I would definitely be willing to pay for this as well as postage. I've been looking everywhere for your work.
for some reason,,,,i wish i was the one being babieed and diapered,,,,sounds wierd but,,,,yea i wish that was me.
The pledge ends up loving the attention of all the brothers and being their baby. When I get some free time, I will be scanning more images from the comic. Glad you like it.
can we buy the comic book somewhere or do we have to buy it from you? i really love that one!!!
I used to sell it as a hard copy at $1/page and mail it to buyers.
where can i find this comic book?
Would love to see more Fraternity Baby!
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